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Congratulations on your engagement! We are happy that you have chosen our parish family in which to celebrate the sacrament of marriage. We understand that there is much planning involved in creating a beautiful and memorable wedding day, however the Catholic Church knows that the wedding is only the beginning of your lives together. Through our marriage preparation process at St. Pius X, we will give you the tools to prepare for the the lifelong journey that follows the wedding day. Below you will find a list of marriage preparation guidelines as well as a few attachments regarding our wedding ceremony policies. You will be give a complete set of guidelines along with a planning folder at your first meeting.

Marriage Preparation Requirements

The couple planning for marriage is expected to contact the parish office at least six months in advance to begin the preparation, see "Getting Started" below.  Please note: No wedding date can be set prior to meeting with a priest or deacon, and no date is final until the preparation is complete. The preparation includes:


  1. Meet with the priest/deacon - counseling, instructions in the Faith for non-Catholics, completion of marriage forms.

  2. PMI - (Pre-marriage inventory) and meet with a Pastor / Deacon / mentor couple.

  3. Enrichment Weekend/Classes - The following link lists diocesan approved prep: Diocese of Winona Marriage Preparation Courses. The couple will receive a signifcant discount on their marriage license fee for completions of a workshop.

  4. Baptismal certificates - A baptismal certificate must be provided by both the bride and the groom if baptized somewhere other than St. Pius X. A copy can be obtained from the church where each was baptized and it must be issued within six months of your wedding date. These are given to the priest/deacon as soon as possible.

  5. Liturgy planning - Meet with the Director of Music and Liturgy to plan your wedding ceremony include music, readings, etc. (See "Liturgy and Ceremony Planning" attachment below.)

  6. Marriage license - The couple must obtain a marriage license at least one month before the wedding, but not more than six months. The couple should ask the priest/deacon for the form that entitles them to a discount. The license must be dropped off at the parish office at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

  7. Sacrament of Reconciliation - The Sacrament of Marriage is one that should be prepared for spiritually; therefore, it may be appropriate to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation before the wedding, especially if they have not received this sacrament for some time.

  8. Non-parishioners may complete their marriage preparation in their home parish. The couple is required to have written permission from their home parish pastor to be married at St. Pius X. All liturgy preparations must be done in accordance with St. Pius X guidelines.


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