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K-5th Grade Faith Formation

Family of Faith is our new approach to regular faith formation classes for elementary school students. Throughout the year, K-5 students, along with their parents, will actively participate in the essentials of Catholic faith, centered in Christ. This year our exploration of the faith will be through the lens of Christian prayer. Parents will be encouraged and equipped to take a vital role in passing on the faith via scripture, saints, liturgical prayer, the Church, and service. 

Who: Primarily geared toward families with students in grades K-5, parent sessions open to all families

When: Our in-person option for students (traditional faith formation) is scheduled for 3 sessions per month on Sundays from 9am-10am. At-home option for students are parent-led with check-ins from the parish. Parents commit to one parent gathering per month (virtual or in-person) for fellowship, prayer, and an opportunity to grow in their own faith. All families will receive materials for lessons and activities to incorporate the faith into their family's lives. To preview the parent workbook and learn more about the curriculum, click here.

Cost: Suggested donation $60/family which covers the cost of one parent and one student workbook and additional take-home materials for in-person lessons and take-home activities. Additional student workbooks can be purchased for $20. Assistance is available. 

Registration is now open. Please click here to register for Family of Faith.

Have questions? Please register here for our virtual Q&A session on September 20th at 7pm.

Family of Faith Calendar for Fall 2020



What is First Sacraments Preparation? 

First Confession and Eucharist preparation at the Church of St. Pius X aims to help our youth gain an understanding of the sacraments and be open to receive God's grace through them.

Parents will play the most vital role in our preparation process both by participating Mass regularly with their child (in-person or virtually) and praying with and for their son or daughter. 

   To supplement this preparation, families commit to:

      1. At-home learning with Blessed curriculum by Dynamic Catholic (or another parish-approved curriculum.)

      2. Faith formation education of your choosing that may include: 

          -Enrolling in Family of Faith formation classes (details above),

          -Participating in religion classes at Rochester Catholic Schools,

          -Studying another Catholic religion curriculum (approved by the director of faith formation), or

          -a combination of these programs.

      3. Attending two parent-child retreats (one for Confession and one for Eucharist) NOTE: Depending on health recommendations, these retreats may change to virtual or hybrid this year.

This fall we will focus on the sacrament of Confession with a group celebration of First Confession tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 6th or by appointment.

The spring sessions will focus on preparation for the sacrament of Eucharist and the Mass, with First Eucharist tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 2nd or by appointment. 

Who is First Sacrament Preparation for? This program is geared toward school aged (typically 2nd grade) children enrolled in Faith Formation, Catholic School, or home school. Adults wishing to prepare for these sacraments should inquire about Rite for Christian Iniation for Adults (RCIA)

Cost: Suggested donation $40 which covers the cost of materials/retreats. Assistance available.

Registration is now open. Please click here to register for First Sacraments Preparation.