St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community


Liturgy is about celebration.  As a community we are a parish filled with wonder and awe and believe that the journey of life is celebrated in liturgy.  We acknowledge the connection between faith and life.

The word liturgy comes from a Greek word meaning "the work of the people".  Liturgy is done by the entire worshiping community-sometimes acting together, sometimes with different members acting in particular roles.  In the liturgy, each of us is called to full, active, and conscious participation.  Some members are called to worship as a member of the church assembled.  Some others, by virtue of certain gifts, are called to act as servants, or ministers to the assembly.

In our liturgies we celebrate life, the birth of life, the healing of life, the strengthening of life, the love of life and the service of life, eternal life.  We celebrate our encounter with God in Christ Jesus.

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