St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community


The term stewardship refers to how we live our life; using the gifts and talents that God gave us. Stewards give freely from the heart out of gratitude and love for God and all creation.

The Gift of Time

When God gives life he hides from us how much time our life will have. God knows we must spend some of our time on ourselves. Selfishness is spending all of our time on ourselves; selflessness is spending some of our time to help others. As part of total stewardship, a Catholic is concerned about how he or she uses their time. Time is holy because it may be limited. A Catholic steward who is faithful in the use of time does not live in fear of the future, but constantly faces the question of whether or not he or she is making wise use of the years at their disposal. They ask themselves, "Am I being true to God if I devote all my time to work, pleasure and sleep, even if I do contribute my money?"

The Gift of Talent

God gives everyone potential talents when they are born. One dimension of stewardship is for each person to actualize those potential talents, while another dimension to use the talents wisely. Because talents are varied, there are various possibilities for sharing talent. Please refer to "Volunteer Opportunities" so you can explore ways to put your talents into action. It isn't important that we see all of our talents before we act. But that we ACT upon each one as it is revealed to us, living on faith that we are about His will. Once you choose to follow the qualities of Christ's life that you see in yourself, your whole life will take on a new beginning. Your actions will have a new direction and a new meaning. You will know your unique talents and how God wants them to meet the needs of His people and His creation. "As each has received a gift, employ it for one another as good stewards of God's varied grace." 1 Peter 4:10.

The Gift of Treasure

How Much Should I Give On A Regular Basis To Support My Parish? Each of us must determine for ourselves what we can and will contribute on a regular basis. This decision must be based upon our individual circumstances. As members of the family of God, we should feel personally responsible to share in direct proportion to our financial ability to do so. In support of Christ's work within our Catholic Community, we are asked to contribute a fair share of that with which we have been blessed. Some propose tithing as the answer - 5% to my parish and 5% to other charities. Others have decided to give $1.00 per week for each $1000 of annual income. In some instances people decide to contribute two hours of pay per week. All of the methods just listed amount to about 5% of weekly income after taxes. The final determination, of course, is always a personal matter, but it should always be based on an individual's awareness of the responsibility to share fairly with other parishioners in the essential work of parish support. Direct bank giving and credit card giving are offered as a more convenient way of donating.  Click here for a printable giving application or click the icon bellow to set up credit card giving.