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During the winter of 2013 the Renovation team looked at the funds we have, the pledges we expect to be available in the next year and the rising costs of construction.  After careful discernment, much prayer and belief in our master plan, we made the decision to split Phase III - Narthex-Founders’ Hall-New South Entrance & ADA Ramp phase into two projects.  On February 14, 2014 we received permission from the Diocese to move forward with the removal of asbestos and remodel of Founder’s Hall and the new south Entrance and ADA Ramp.  The addition of the Narthex has been put on hold and will be our next renovation project.  After the narthex, we will tackle our last phase, the addition of a parish center and updating of the school gym and cafeteria.

April 28th saw the beginning of removal of asbestos in Founders’ Hall.  Construction will begin mid-June and be completed by the end of September.  The construction of the new south Entrance and ADA Ramp will require loss of 2-3 parking spaces in the south parking lot; remodel of the Brides’ Room and the storage/cleaning spaces for our maintenance staff.  We will also address the steepness of the current ramp in the school hallway just outside of the gym.  Handicap parking spaces in the south lot will be reassigned after construction.  We are planning to change the main entrance to Founders’ Hall to the 1st door in the driveway close to the utilities building.

The Renovation team greatly appreciates your dedication to our parish, without you these much needed changes would not be possible.  Our work takes place because of YOU! 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts,

Fr. Charlie Collins

Denise DeRienzo

Katie Stinson

Debbie Eitzen

Marty Ellman

Kent Hensley

Roger Herzog

Ambrose King

Irene Maze

Lori Melhorn

Rita McCoy

Ralph Pearson

Hord Architects, Memphis, TN

Helen Schroeder
General Contractor-McGough, Rochester, MN  


As in our past building projects we need your support to fulfill God’s plan for our parish.  Feel free to contact Denise DeRienzo, Parish Administrator and Director of Renovation at the parish offices by phone at (507) 288-8238, Ext. 3511 or by using her email address to ask your questions; get answers; make a new pledge; or change/extend an existing pledge. 


View the attachment below for a pledge card and automatic withdrawal form for this project.

Download this file (2012 Pledge Sheet.pdf)2012 Pledge Sheet.pdf 1383 Kb